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‎This is a disclaimer: Not only does this page belong to the fanverse, Zyneth Zodiac, but none of this is set in stone outside of Zyneth Zodiac. Nobody has to follow this canon, but as far as Andre is concerned, it's canon to him.

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Abounding Struggle, initialized AS, and stylized as Abounding Σtruggle, is a fanon series created by Zynethyst. It's about two gem clans gaining a rivalry and going out in an all out war resulting in injury, corruption, and death. These two clans are the Aurorist Clan and the Iariean Clan, they both were once great friends, until a huge disagreement between them happened and all hell broke loose. The two clans reside on Radia, a gem planet dedicated to gems who don't like Homeworld nor Earth.


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