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ded flower

Appearance Edit


Personality Edit

skele skele no jk

Aster, on the outside, is often seen as a trouble maker who only gets joy from hurting others. When he opens up, he is shown to be somewhat still a trouble maker and often has a need for power. He is also shown to be somewhat depressed inside.

Relationships Edit

Verdana Edit

Before Death Edit

Aster is shown to deeply care for Verdana and trust her, and nearly always sticks with her. He is shown, however, to occasionally ignore her.

Post-Regen Edit

Because Aster no longer has a soul, he can no longer show affection for her, despite his efforts.

Sans Edit

Before Death Edit

sans killed aster so he hates him lul

Post-Regen Edit

still hates him

Toriel Edit

Aster dislikes Toriel, and often goes against her rules.

History Edit

read sin pad lol (but we aint giving u the link so too bad)

Abilities Edit

Fire Manipulation Edit

Passed on from Toriel, Aster has the ability to manipulate fire. He can change the flames from light blue to orange, rather than the normal color. After he became a flower, Aster can now only set flames on his pellets.

Soul Color Edit

Aster can change his opponent's or himself's soul color to blue, red, or green. This is passed on from Sans, not including the unique green.

Plant Manipulation Edit

Only in his flower form, Aster can manipulate plants. He can shoot pellets or flame covered pellets.