Blanche Vista is a neighborhood that is used in the game, "The Sims 2". Blanche Vista is a location created by Zynethyst


Formation and New Beginnings (1873-1910)Edit

In the late 1800's, Sunshire's overall population began to decline thanks to untreated diseases and murderers arriving to Sunshire. Then, two Sunshire residents, Zircon Ge Ode IV and Violane Mynral II discovered a huge piece of open land, full of resources as well. Ge Ode and Mynral claimed that piece of land and started to develop a neighborhood out of it. Originally entitled "Sequoia Shores", the neighborhood quickly brought some of Sunshire's population to the neighborhood. A young Henrick Hawke suggested a politician system for the neighborhood. Thus making the "Royal Sequoia Goverment" with Ge Ode as president, Mynral as vice president, and Hawke as head congress. The political system's introduction sparked outrage across the population and made 10% of the whole population move to the Saraoak colony. The reason for this outrage is currently unknown to the current population.

New Technology and Improved Politics (1911-1978)Edit

As the 1910's strolled by, technology improved, thus Mynral inventing the very first servo prototype, entitled the "Sequoia Security Service Bot", or S.S.S.B. for short. In 1922, Sequoia Shores was renamed, into what we now know was Blanche Vista. Later that year, Mynral died from an unknown disease, while his wife was pregnant. In 1925, Ge Ode committed suicide after giving birth to a child. The political system had to be completely reintroduced, leaving the head congress, whom is Hawke, to revamp it entirely. The wives of Mynral and Ge Ode entered the political system when it rebirthed, and did an amazing job at it too. They all sparked a revolution.

Urban Culture (1978-2007)Edit

Ever since the 1970's, Blanche Vista has had a great urban following, many cultures and personalities live here. But, urban sims, or Urbz (it's actually in a game don't hate me) are very abundant, especially in the late 90's and early 2000's. A sim named Jayde Urb revolutionized the city known as Zya, with her charisma and nerve. Jayde passed away in 2012 due to overdose of marijuana. Her girlfriend, Opal Mynral, is still alive and mourning the death of her beloved Jayde. Urb's final resting place is the "Ge Ode Graveyard and Florist" in Carlene.

Present TimeEdit

Now, in the 2010's, Blanche Vista is better than ever with blooming business' and celebrities such as Lianne Moncriefe and Carmen Luzon.


  • Opal Mynral, Jayde Urb's girlfriend, is the descendant of Violane Mynral II, a founder of Blanche Vista.