Dorky cats is a fanverse made by Fluffy-Stars for people who are fans of Nerdy Cats, Gamer cats, Meme cats, or any kind of cat in the Dorky category.

Nerdy catsEdit

Imo,(Fluffys opinion) I like these ones. They are usually the ones in pictures with nerd glasses and mustaches. They are usually the floofy kinds of cats, and they are so cute and smart. ;3;

Gamer catsEdit

These are uncommon on the internet but i love them! They are usually having headphones on and saying phrases like "Mum, leave me alone Im roastin' nubz!" Or something like that..

Meme catsEdit

I LOVE THESE TYPES. They are the most common and the most popular meme cat is... Grumpy cat. He is usually in a picture then has captions like "I had fun once. It was awful."

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