These are all my headcanons! I hope you enjoy them. c: <33




5788708 origStar is pansexual and has no preference of gender. Just loves everyone and wants kindness in return :)

5788708 origMarco is questioning, stuck between trans and genderfluid. Orientation is heteroflexible/heteroro.

5788708 origHomoflexible Jackie, simply cause I cam .-.

5788708 origTo Ace/Aro Janna or not to Ace/Aro Janna?

5788708 origEveryone else is either Demi, Bi or Pan. I'm out of characters.


The Loud House


5788708 origLuan just loves every living being and wants kindness in return :)

5788708 origLynn? Ace/heteroro

5788708 origPan luna pls