Jeffery Bonnet is an actor and model. He currently resides in the north of New Penguin City.
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Backstory and careerEdit

Jeffery was born in NPC on October 14, 2013 and moved to Flipper City when he was 10 months old. Nicknamed 'Jeff', he is best known for his modelling career. He frequently appears in catalogs and advertisements for the BNM store chain. He also appeared in several commercials as a child, including a commercial for West & Lyles. Jeff's mother, Claire, was the one who got Jeff into acting. Later on in life, he won a contest, giving him a contract to BNM.

Family lifeEdit

Jeffery lives in NPC with his family, which consists of his married parents Monty (34) and Claire (34), and his twin sister Quinn. He is two years old. In 2018, his family plans to move to Shiver City.