Jenna Volante is a well-known pookie model for the BNM chain. She, alongside her modelling
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Jenna at a modelling shoot in September 2015.

career is best known for her title as 'Little Miss Universe' of 2015. She currently resides in Pengrove, Flipper City.

Backstory and careerEdit

Jenna was born April 12, 2013. From a young age, Jenna's parents, Clarice and Andre, have enrolled her in many pageants. At the age of 2, she won the title 'Little Miss Universe' in a unanimous vote from the judges. She has actually competed in LMU twice, but only won once. 

Family LifeEdit

Jenna currently resides in a four-story house in the east of Pengrove, Flipper City. Her parents are Andre (27) and Clarice Volante (24), and has three siblings named Isabella (3) and Jacob (1).