Lana's Hell is the fanon universe. It basically contains every major series.

Fanons Edit

  • COS (Court of Smogon): Takes place in court, talking about many discussions of banning and unbanning Pokemon. May have swears and Smogon is somewhat COPPA based, so it's 13+.
  • Destricia: Based off an RP on Pokemon Showdown, it's about heroes called PBS, Ryu, and Aria and their adventures with their Pokemon along the wonderful path of Destricia. Fighting from a man who alters living beings to a personification of Satan, things get real here. 13+.
  • Skype Death: An unfollowing story with several people being freaked out on Skype. Major gore warning and cursing. Considered horror. Age rating unknown.
  • Christmas, Nulla Fides: Based off an RP on Pokemon Showdown, it's about five warriors called Erin, Scott, Marik, Serv, and Niko called the "Christmas Warriors" exploring the town of Kora in order to stop evil deity Terrous. 10+ due to severe lack of cursing, death lacking gore (though death still very well exists), and general theme being acceptable for children. Underage kiddies, come over here.