Literally My Life is a TV show aimed at older teens and adults that airs on NBHTV every Thursday at 8:00pm and 3:00am.

Theme songEdit

Before the start of the theme song, a warning will pop up, depicting a teal city background and white text in a faded black box, saying the following; "Warning: The following episode of Literally My Life contains violence, nudity, mature humor, and other things not sutible for penguins under the age of 15. Viewers discretion is strongly advised. If you have a pookie or younger middle that is near the TV, send them to bed or change the channel. Literally My Life will begin in 15 seconds.", and a timer set to 15 seconds will go down to 0, and the theme song will begin.


Literally my life, it's crazy, out o' wack and lame

And also it's all just the same 

Literally my life, it's broken, boring and awkward

Everything's completely confusing and backward

This is literally my life, it's literally my life!

It's, trying to impress my crush

Absolutely nothing in this life is lush

Literally my life, it's literally my life!


  • Nicole Amparo Murray - Nicole Amparo (usually simply called Nicole) is a blonde haired, freckled girl who the series focuses on. She, like her close friends and younger brother Nathan, is in high school. She is in 8th grade.
  • Lucy Songrath - Nicole's best friend. Lucy is always one to speak her mind, even when she is in trouble. She is very artistic and loves to paint and play violin.
  • Helen Alcorn - The musical one of Nicole's friends. Helen is a carefree, social and loves playing piano. TBA
  • Tyler Summers -
  • Jasper Ping -
  • Sabine Winston -
  • Dotty Rodriguez - 
  • Kevin Westily -
  • Levi Icebird - 
  • Cordelia Dovesilver - 
  • Maren Antonio - 
  • Lake Wang -