Lucinda Loud is a TLH oc created by SavagePowerHour. She's 12 years old and is a clean freak.


How does Lucinda feel when having to keep a house filled with 11 siblings tidy? Well, for her, it is a complete nightmare. Lucinda loves keeping everything neat, shiny, and 100% perfect, and usually cannot stand a chance with things that are dirty. Lily's diapers and Lana's mud pies are her biggest worries when living in the Loud House. But she always tries to stay calm, and clean it up. But she has her occasional outburst and takes it on all her siblings. But if you pick on any of her siblings, she won't be paying for your funeral.


Lucinda, aside from being a perfectionist, clean freak and being diagnosed with OCD, is happy-go-lucky, sharp, warmhearted, protective, loving, responsible and sweet. Like Lincoln, she can be selfish at times, but always works it out in the end. She loves figure skating, playing basketball and to some extent, manga books. She loves all shades of blue and green.


  • The siblings that she is the closest with are Luan and Lincoln.
  • Outside of cleaning, she does competitive dance (lyrical, jazz, and tap)
  • She is a pescatarian (someone who doesn't eat meat but eats fish)