My Life Story - The Story Of Jacqueline is a 2015 direct-to-theatre, 94 minute movie released July 10, 2015. It is aimed at tweens and teens but generally appropriate for all ages. It was written by SavagePowerHour and Startropolis.


savage dont spoil everything pls -odrey


Jacqueline (Jasper) Advani - Our main star. His age changes throughout the movie, but it starts with him being born.

Desmond Advani - Jacqueline's deceased father. His age also changes throughout the movie, but it starts with him being 36, until he dies from smoking at 39. Throughout the movie, Jacqueline gets very emotional about his father's demise.

Emilia Walker - Jacqueline's mother. Her age changes throughout the movie, but starts with her being 34.

Charlize Clark - Jacqueline's best friend. They've been best friends since they were three. Like Desmond, Emilia and Jacqueline, her age also changes throughout the movie.

Sarah Holtz - Jacqueline meets her at age 11. She was a little bit popular because she was involved in a lot of sports. Sarah, unlike many in the grade 5 class, was homosexual. (crush on jacqueline?? bc he wasnt out yet)

Ellie Holtz - Sarah's little sister (aged 7) who loves Steven Universe.

Blake and Jenny Marron - These mean kids who hate Jacqueline because Jacqueline always got a lot of good grades and was a natural at acting, something Jenny always wanted to do. This started in third grade.

Abigail Miyamae - Jenny's best friend who is Japanese. Her, like Jenny and Blake, hate Jacqueline.

Mr. King - Jacqueline's high-school drama teacher, who is in charge of all the plays. Jacqueline mostly gets along well with him, and he helps Jacqueline with his dream.

Henry Fish-N-Chips - Jacqueline's imaginary friend who is an orange cat with white stripes. Jacqueline forgets about Henry when he becomes ten years old.

Jamie Currie - Real name Nicole Efron, is Jacqueline's Australian cyber-bestie. They've been cyber-besties since they were twelve.