The Pookie Movie is a brainwashing device disguised as a movie exclusively for pookies. It was created by Mavis, Emma's Club Penguin form/persona. 

Small descriptionEdit

Name: Pookie Movie

Cost: 58 dollars

Extras: Mavis' homemade brainwash potion + mind-control serum

It looks like a normal everyday movie made for pookies, but what pookies and their parents do not know is that it's a very deadly product. It's just like a normal movie, but it controls the pookie's mind. In some cases, the pookie will develop severe amnesia or permanent hypnotisation. If the pookie watches it, around 4 minutes in, their eyes start to become itchy and sore. Then, the amnesia kicks in (mostly it isn't severe), and the brain will be slowly eaten away. If untreated for 17 minutes the pookie will be dead. Instantly. There have been so far 280 cases of the pookie being cured and revived.


  1. About 500 gullible parents across Club Penguin Island bought this for their pookie(s), unware of what would happen.
  2. Very rarely (as stated above), the pookie may develop severe amnesia or permament hypnotisation.