Prepsi-Cola is a drink brewed and created by the agency formerly known as the Prep Hater Agency, a disbanded agency now in the hands of Falling Stars, a former member of the agency the PhA once was. It can also be used as a prep repellent and preps are highly more likely to drink it out of any type of penguin.


Name: Prepsi-Cola

Cost: 8 dollars per can or bottle

Extras: Regular soda ingredients, acid, food coloring

The Prepsi Cola is a deadly beverage aimed at preps. It comes in five colors, Orange, Yellow, Black-brown (normal soda color), Blue, and Teal. On the bottle it is teal and white, and has hearts all over it. The prep then drinks the soda. What happens after is that it melts into acid with painful pops, burning the tongue. Blood will ooze out of the prep's mouth, and makes them thrash wildly and die eventually. This also goes for preppy middles, biggies and mumus. However preppy pookies and preppy duhduhs can drink this with no aftereffects.


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