Purple Jade is a Gemstone by Object/Falling Stars.

Appearance Edit

Purple Jade has the respective colors of her gemstones. The hair is fairly messy. She wears a dark purple shirt that goes to elbows, and very dark purple pants. On her back she has a purple bow.

Personality Edit

Purple Jade is very outgoing person, often taking things lightly and very rarely seriously. Jade is often shown to be very lazy at times, however in times of need, she's shown to be quick and agile. Jade always thinks about herself first, and is not the most caring person either.

Backstory Edit


Abilities Edit

Purple Jade possess standard Gem abilities, including shape shifting, weapon summoning, fusion, bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman strength/durability.

Purple Jade often relies on her weapon, rather than her abilities. Jade often rarely uses her abilities in fight or combat, but is shown to use her abilities in other ways.

Skillset Edit

  • Katana Proficiency: Purple Jade is extremely skilled with her katana. The katana can very easily break through many materials.
  • Shape-Shifting:' Similar to Amethyst, all gems are capable of shape shifting, Purple Jade is also skilled at it. However, unlike Amethyst, she cannot shape shift herself into fully functional objects.

Unique Abilities Edit