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Verdana is a goat and skeleton hybrid, giving her traits of both races. She has a goat-like head, with droopy ears and a short snout, but lacks horns. She has long eyelashes surrounding eye sockets with rings of dark red around, and her mouth resembles Sans', albeit with a tooth gap. Her neck, legs, and arms are skeletal, whilst her body is that of an anthropomorphic goat.


Verdana is a happy child for the most part, taking care of those around her, especially her brother Aster. She is quick to judge and mostly kind, though if you cheat her, she's not paying for your funeral. Unlike her brother, Verdana is less hostile and violent, and more accepting and open. Caring deeply about her family, Verdana would sacrifice her life to save them. She, like her parents, loves puns, but will not insert them into daily conversation. If someone asks her about puns, she will be happy to share.


Aster Edit

Verdana trusts Aster with her heart and soul, and is rarely away from him. Post-regen, she carries his flower pot (which is an empty mint tin) around everywhere she goes.

Sans Edit

Verdana has barely spoken to Sans, despite them being together most of the time. They're both neutral on each other, with Sans leaning more towards dislike.

Toriel Edit

Verdana had a strong connection with Toriel, turning to her for almost every need. They would talk often, and both had a general positive outlook on each other.


once upon a time, goat


SOUL ChangeEdit

Verdana is able to turn the enemy's SOUL red, blue or yellow.


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