Violano is a Steven Universe OC belonging to Odrey.  Do not use them without permission, and be aware that they are a fan-created character and only canon in the Startropolis fanverse.


Violano is a short, skinny gem of bluish-purple hues. They have pale lavender skin. Their left eye is medium bluish-purple, and their right eye is covered by a grayish-purple flower. Their hair is fluffy and somewhat curly, and cut similar to a pixie cut mid-neck with a parting to the far right.  They wear a low collared v-neck dress that has an off-center light indigo collar with a sky blue diamond. The dress has long sleeves with thick cuffs slightly darker than the main part of the dress, with royal purple buttons. The skirt of the dress is pleated and the same color as the buttons, but more saturated. Their shoes are indigo boots with dark periwinkle toes. A better reference for this can be seen to the right.




I just don't want to bother anyone with my problems.

Violano is a quiet gem, but with a lot to say.  They're rather insecure about many aspects of themself,